Hockey Mouth Injuries

Almost a whopping 45% of elite field hockey players, and one in seven junior and senior level players will suffer a mouth, tooth or jaw injury, according to a new review of research that also found too many players still don’t wear mouth guards.

The study did not directly investigate whether players who don’t wear mouth guards are far more likely to be injured.

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However, the more players use mouth guards it would be likely to reduce injuries, “Following a serious incident in the Dutch field hockey premier league that involved a major dentofacial trauma”

The evidence in the literature shows that the prevalence of dentofacial injury is quite high, as one out of 10 non-elite players and one out of two elite hockey players reported to sustain at least one dentofacial injury in their gaming career”

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Mouth guard use is improving, with 80% of players currently using them, compared to only 30% 20 years ago! Visit this page 

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